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Death Grips - Beware
from Exmilitary

I close my eyes and seize it 
I clench my fists and beat it
I light my torch and burn it
I am the beast I worship

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Might do a giveaway at some point…


Bronitiation Ritual, by sunn bro)))

i swear to fucking god


What Your Favorite Drone Metal Band Says About Your Favorite Sport


What Your Favorite Drone Metal Band Says About Your Favorite Sport



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Thorr’s Hammer: WNBA

You’re a fan of sports, but open minded enough to accept women at the forefrunt of that sport. Thorr’s Hammer opened up your mind by punshing your skull when they released Dommedagsnatt, but now you can relax watching the floor fundamentals of the WNBA.

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Candlemass: NHL

The Swedish-based Candlemass is a perfect analogy for the…

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right okay then



Khanate - Skin Coat


Asides from Fantano’s old prog/drone metal Taiga, there’s also Iberia’s ambient/drone artist of the same name. 



Seriously though, this is better than anything those trust-fund-babies of Whirr have ever put out



Noise artist Raxil4 and Tanya from Bismuth collaborated for this. Fucking awesome.


New favorite band.


New favorite band.


For reference the best drone metal albums according to my pompous ass are

  • Fulci - DL|RS
  • Boris - TTWSO1
  • Sunn O))) & Boris - Altar
  • Echthros - Iyov
  • Monarch! - Die Tonight
  • Khanate - Capture/Release


draw a straight line and follow it

tetradroid said: best drone on bandcamp

fuckin hell that’s a hard one. The best would be Fulci’s Dead Lights|Red Sky, which I maintain is probably the best drone doom album out there if only by the tiniest fraction.

Gates, Bismuth, Bong and Ommadon are also high up there.

In terms of non-metal drone, you’ve got Scattered Purgatory, Ore, and Toshimaru Nakamura.


send me asks I’m bored



Boris - Megatone (Full Album)

Very occasionally I have moods where this is exactly what I need to listen to.