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Some fan art for Goryl!

Some fan art for Goryl!

Bowery Electric - Under The Sun



It’s My House And I’ll Play Sunn O))) At The Party If I Want To

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when that bass kicks in….

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Cum Function - Misdirected Anger


Menace Ruine have a new album out!



Emilie Bresson a.k.a. Eurogirl is the singer of drone metal band Monarch. On the verge of dissolving music into pure noise, I appreciate Monarch’s desperation: like a march into nothing, a deadly journey with no comeback, their disturbingly slow songs are even more creepy and hopeless when Emilie is breathing, screeching or whispering. The perfect soundtrack of anxiety-derived insomnia.

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Thanks for spreading the word!


Well when I started this column out I knew that bluegrass music was really a small group of fans.  It took a long time to top 300 followers and now we have topped 360.  Thanks to all who have spread the word about our tumble.  May God bless each and every one!  Now get out there and crank up the banjos, fiddles and mandolins!

(most bluegrass that has banjos in it use drones so reblogging for love)


Neither scene nor heard: a journey through ambient music